What Is First Priority

Campus Clubs Sharing the Hope of Christ with Students


To take the HOPE of Christ to every student.


Uniting the local church to impact our elementary, middle and high schools in the Permian Basin with the Gospel Message through student-led clubs.

Plugged In

We have seen eight students from different schools get plugged into our youth group… because of not only the mentors being present at First Priority, but also because our students have become invested in the clubs at their schools. It opens conversations about faith between students as well.

FP Volunteer


First Priority middle and high school clubs follow a four-week strategy called HOPE – an acronym for Help, Opportunity, Prepare, and Encounter.

Our theme for the 2023-24 School Year is “serve period.” In Matthew 20:28 we are reminded how important it is to serve. “The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.” We are here to serve and share the Gospel.

    • Help Week – equipping students to serve
    • Opportunity Week – encouraging students to serve
    • Prepare Week – empowering students to serve
    • Encounter Week – encountering Him who serves

First Priority elementary clubs have curriculum specifically for them. Their four-week lessons are:

    • Read It: Read and learn what Jesus said.
    • See It: See how His teaching changes us.
    • Live It: Find real ways to live out the truth with love.
    • Tell It: Encourage each other to tell others about Jesus.

Youth Groups Grow

First Priority has not only created an awesome opportunity for kids to hear the Gospel, it has helped grow my junior high and high school youth groups. It is so heartwarming to see kids excited about Jesus! I know First Priority has blessed my church…

FP Club Volunteer

Why First Priority

    • Because being lost without Christ means a loss of hope. Only a declining 12% of students in the US attend church weekly.
    • Because without intentional campus evangelism training and implementation, students who don’t attend church may never hear the Gospel.
    • Because no one church can reach and disciple every student in their community, but when united, THE Church can.
    • According to the Billy Graham Association, 85% of all that come to Christ do so before they graduate high school, making our schools the greatest mission field in America.


Permian Basin First Priority is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.