What Is First Priority


Uniting the local church to impact our middle and high schools in the Permian Basin with the Gospel Message through student-led clubs.


Taking the HOPE of Christ to every student.

First Priority clubs follow a four-week strategy called HOPE. HOPE is an acronym for Help, Overcome, Prepare, and Engage.

Help Week: Helping students believe and share the Good News of Jesus.

Overcome Week: Overcoming things that keep students from sharing the Good News of Jesus.

Prepare Week: Students preparing their story of when they believed the Good News of Jesus.

Engage Week: Students engaging their school and community with the Good News of Jesus.

Follow-Up Process

During Engage week, students are given the opportunity to respond to a Gospel presentation where they can indicate a desire for another student to follow up with them. Often this leads to their attending a local youth ministry for the first time and getting connected to the local church for discipleship.

Why First Priority

  • Because being lost without Christ means a loss of hope. Only a declining 12% of students in the US attend church weekly.
  • Because without intentional campus evangelism training and implementation, students who don’t attend church may never hear the gospel.
  • Because no one church can reach and disciple every middle and high school student in their community, but when united, THE Church can.
  • According to the Billy Graham Association, 85% of all that come to Christ do so before they graduate high school. There by making our middle schools and high schools the greatest mission field in America.


Permian Basin First Priority is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.