Get Involved

How do we reach 75,000 students? It takes all of us.


Commit to pray for students leading and attending First Priority clubs.


Volunteer at a First Priority club during the week.


Tell others about what is going on with First Priority.


Financially partner with First Priority – DONATE.

If you believe the Lord might be leading you to serve on campus in one of these roles and want to talk to us, contact us by email

First Priority Strategy

First Priority works by using 5 Key Networks. Let’s use the components of a football game to explain the First Priority strategy.

  1. STUDENTS: “Players on the field” who are sent as missionaries on their campus to reach their peers with the message of HOPE.
  2. TEACHERS: “Referees on the field” who can’t play in the game but can make sure that the rules of the school are being followed and the door to the classroom is open.
  3. YOUTH PASTORS: “Coaches on the sideline” who equip, encourage, and empower students to lead their club with excellence.
  4. PARENTS: “Fans in the stands” who promote, provide, encourage, and pray for students as they live out their faith on campus. Every club needs 2 to 3 adult volunteers that will help create a comfortable environment for students to lead their club.
  5. BUSINESS LEADERS: “Investors of the team” who provide resources to First Priority to ensure the mission and vision to share the HOPE of Christ with students will last for decades to come.