Get Involved


There are volunteer positions every First Priority club needs to be successful:

  1. Student Leaders
    Every club is run by a student leadership team. Aided by a Campus Coach, this is the team that runs the club from week-to-week. If you are a godly leader among your peers at your church’s youth group, this role is made for you.
  2. Faculty Sponsor
    Each of our clubs are legally required to have a school staff person at every meeting. If you work for a public school and love Jesus, this is a perfect way for you to get involved.
  3. Campus Coach
    Our Campus Coaches train and equip our Student Leaders to run successful First Priority clubs. If you are passionate about ministering to youth at your local church, you would make a great Campus Coach.
  4. Volunteer Parent, Grandparent, Student Pastor, and Youth Worker
    Every club needs 2 to 3 adult volunteers that will help create a comfortable environment for students to lead their club. They help set up, welcome students, pick-up food, and clean-up all while encouraging students. If you have a couple hours a week that you can pour into students, this is the place to do it.

If you believe the Lord might be leading you to serve on campus in one of these roles and want to talk more, please contact us at

I was an atheist

A student shared that she was an atheist a couple of years ago but had her life changed by the hope of Jesus Christ. She encouraged other students who were searching for meaning and truth to look for it in Jesus.

FP Student Leader