First Priority Campus Clubs

Elementary, Middle & High Schools

There are 35,000 middle and high school students and 40,000 elementary students in the Permian Basin. It is our vision to reach 5,000 students a week for Christ this year. In 2022/23 we were on 37 campuses with 75 weekly clubs and reached 3,500 students weekly.

How We Can Reach more Students with the Gospel

    • We hired additional staff.
    • We are training more volunteers.
    • We are launching a new club program for elementary ¬†students.
    • We are exploring options to add new cities.
    • We are fundraising to equip us with needed resources.

How Can You Help?

With everyone’s help, we can do this! You can help by:

Students Reaching Students

One of our student leaders invited a table full of friends and when two of them responded to the gospel, they needed no leaders – two students stepped in and did the counseling themselves. We have watched the students really stepping up and stepping into their roles.

FP Club Volunteer